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Intro – The Cleaner Talks State of the Union – ObaMao

Sarah Palin’s New Book – Rev. Jackson Gets Dissed – Acorn’s Winged Monkeys, At It Again! – Pa. Firefighter Stands Up for the American Flag – Topics

President Obama vs. Fox News – White House E-Mails MSNBC, LIVE! – Jay Leno Chimes In & More

Meet Geert Wilders, an Important Man Fighting an Important Fight – The Video You Should All See “Fitna”

Brain on Liberal – Runner Up Nancy Pelosi – Winner Chai Feldblum – The Parson & the Cleaner Talk the Theology of Tolerance & Forbearance

Decriminalization of Pot – Welcome to a Nation Full of Cheech & Chongs!

Whiny Musicians – “Everybody Hurts” – Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – Law Abiding Citizen

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – Law Abiding Citizen

Stupid Car Stickers – Lord Monckton and the Importance of President Obama’s Upcoming Trip to Copenhagen

Some Uncommon Analysis Regarding the Meaning of the Copenhagen Treaty – YOU NEED TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THIS

“Let’s Get Ready to RRRRRUUUUUMMMBLLLLEEE… – The Prez Boxes Fox Out, the Press Revolts! – Major Garrett Defended


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