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Intro – We’re Back! – Kimbo Slice – Football Ambush – Newsweek on Abstinence – Topics

Nero Hour – Something Rotten in Denmark

What a Certain Frenchmen Thinks of our President

The Preacher & the Cleaner Dissect the World’s Preoccupation with “Dividing The Land” (Israel) Pt. #1

The Preacher & the Cleaner Dissect the World’s Preoccupation with Dividing “The Land” (Israel) Pt. #2

The Preacher & the Cleaner Dissect the World’s Preoccupation with Dividing “The Land” (Israel) Pt. #3

Losing the Gold (Olympics), With Special Guest Brother Pitbull

How About WINNING in Afghanistan? Pt. #1 – With Special Guest Brother Pitbull

How About WINNING in Afghanistan? Pt. #2 – With Special Guest Brother Pitbull

Beck Derangement Syndrome

Leonidas Award – Congressman Trent Franks, (R)AZ.

This Is Your Brain On Liberal 1st Runner Up – Whoopi ‘6 Abortions’ Goldberg

This Is Your Brain On Liberal Winner – Congressman Alan ‘Republicans Just Want You To Die!’ Grayson, (D)FL.

The Parson’s “New Addition” – Quick Hits & Stuff Coming Up This Thursday




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