Want to join the fight against Islamic Terrorists? Here’s how..

Eight years after September 11, 2001 the fight against islamofascists is far from won.  Our brave men and women in the armed forces and intelligence agencies have struck some mighty blows against those who seek to harm our way of life, but they can use our help.  You wonder how you can help in this fight.  It’s actually much easier than you might think..The jihadists need to constantly replenish their numbers.  In some countries they conscript young men by force, but they have a more blatant method that works pretty well with little cost to them:  YouTube.  Video-hosting sites like YouTube are quickly becoming a powerful recruiting tool for the mujahadeen.  They can anonymously create a profile and post dozens of propaganda videos that can be viewed instantly around the world.  This allows their message of hate and destruction to reach areas and minds that were previously out of their range.  Enter the YouTube Smackdown Corps.

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The YouTube Smackdown Corps is a group that has decided to fight back against the spread of hate on YouTube servers.  They monitor YouTube channels and identify recruitment videos or videos that promote a message of jihad and hatred towards our forces or our allies.  They send out an email each day that identifies the Daily Smackdown video.  Those who receive the email follow the link to the video and “flag” it, indicating that it is promoting hatred or violence.  If enough people flag a video, the YouTube administrators check the clip and remove it from the site.

You might think that this is simply chump change.  What good does removing a video do, right?  So far, since they started in July 2007, they have helped remove 38,918 videos!  They have also gotten 847 user profiles banned from YouTube!  In other words, their efforts have paid off and they have undoubtedly become a thorn in the sides of these internet harabists.  I signed up a month and a half ago and have been smacking down videos daily!  It couldn’t be simpler.  If you are interested, please go to the Smackdown Corps homepage and sign up for their email list.  Detailed instructions are posted on the homepage, but it isn’t much more complicated than has been explained above.  A note of caution: some of these videos are graphic so please be aware. You don’t actually have to watch the video in order to flag it, so if you are worried about the content just Pause the video before it can start and flag it.

Also, if  you go to the homepage you can download this very handy reference chart which documents the various factions of the Sunni Insurgency in Iraq.  (NEFA Insurgency Chart 2008)  It contains many of the symbols that you will see decorating these videos and will help you to accurately identify the faction that posted the video in your comments to YouTube.  If you are interested, please take the time to sign up and participate in this important mission, invite your friends and family too.  The more people we can get in this fight, the more of a difference we can make.

God bless the our troops.  God bless the USA.  We will never forget September 11th.


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