Bill O’Reilly – Communism Has Been Rendered Impotent

If as a staunch Conservative you were/are a faithful follower of Fox New’s Bill O’Reilly, and you hadn’t yet received your wake up call with regards to who & what Bill is, you got it last night. So long as you didn’t blink, anyway.

On last night’s show (September 8, 2009 – “A day that will go down in infamy”) Bill and Glenn Beck were debating the political proclivities of the now deposed Van Jones – the Obama Czar with a cool name but anti-American worldview. Van Jones is a card carrying, self avowed, Communist. He doesn’t hide it, he’s thrown it out there for everyone to see He can even give you the date of his conversion if you care to ask, something similar to many Christians upon becoming ‘Born Again.’

The problem we have with this over here at Uncommon Sense is that in so doing the media should have had a field day with it. Communism!! Dreaded Communism!! America, and Americans, actually have an history of fighting Communists, and you needn’t look back too far in order to study the fight(s). Many Americans have lost their lives over the decades in this fight.

Communism is evil, bottom line.  It always has been, and it always will be.  Therefore, those espousing it will, by design or result, promote and accomplish evil in its name, regardless of how sincere they may be.

If you’re an astute student of history, and your politics aren’t as, “…crooked as a warped shillelagh” (that’s an old Chief O’Hara reference from the classic 60’s Batman show), you would note that the fight goes on here and now, but the game plan is – by design – different. Today the game plan here in this country is a takeover of our childrens’ minds. Don’t laugh, that is no exaggeration, it’s true. You trust your public school system? Here’s the best advice you’ll get all day – heck, all year – DON’T. Trust yourself with your child’s mind, not someone else. However, I digress…

Today Communism in America is taking a page out of Islam’s playbook. These two cults are very similar in approach. In America Communists cannot simply ‘build a wall’ or take over industry with one stroke of the pen after the revolution is complete. Won’t work that way here, as there isn’t a revolution, per se. In today’s fast paced world the game plan has been slowed a bit, so that you don’t see the plan in action. Think the boiling frog metaphor and you’ll have the idea. Today the plan is evolutionary in nature, not revolutionary.  Revolution works very well in third world nations were the citizenry isn’t armed and oftentimes starved for food, you see.  Here we’ve got those angles covered, as we posses firearms and there’s a Mac’s at just about every major intersection.

And so last night we saw a glaring example of the success of this plan. The “Pragmatist” O’Reilly doesn’t see this newer, slow paced, plan coming, either. He’s quite convinced that Communism isn’t a “factor” these days (yes, pun intended). And he said so. In discussing the Communist Van Jones with Glenn Beck he made the following comment:

O’Reilly – “Communism isn’t a threat to us any more.”

Beck – “Are you kidding! me?!?”

The interview is revealing on many levels.  The argument in question begins around the 4:30 mark,with the ”Money Shot’ at 5:10.  You might not believe your ears, but it’ll be good for you, so listen up.

We now know something very interesting about Bill O’Reilly: He’s no Conservative. Say it out loud to yourself, so that you get comfortable with it, as I know for many of you this won’t come easy. Bill O’Reilly is no Conservative. Okay, now congratulate yourself, you’ve just made a big step in your own understanding of Conservatism!

Something that must be clearly understood by every Conservative (be it the Ayn Rand or Christian variety) is that NO American can deny the ever present lurking evil of Communism AND be a Conservative at the same time. Anyone espousing the death of Communism in America, the ineffectiveness of the Communist worldview in America, is either a ‘double agent’ (which I do not believe O’Reilly to be) or isn’t clear on the subject. O’Reilly simply isn’t clear, which means he will inevitably make additional errors, as well. You, as his viewer, must then know how to filter through his weaknesses.

Why O’Reilly is unclear is somewhat baffling to me. One look at our major colleges, Bill, and you should be abundantly clear. O’Reilly actually went to Harvard, how did he miss it, anyway? (Another certain somebody also went to Harvard, and his friends are almost exclusively Communists & Anarchists, can you guess to whom I’m referring?) I’m seeing it in high schools, let alone colleges. I suppose it all boils down to what you believe Communism is, and what it is not. If you aren’t a “pinhead” you’ll likely see it in more places than you care to know. It’s alive and well in America.

Today’s Communists are sneaking into both the brains of your children (this took hold in the 60’s, hence the politicians of today), and subsequently into the policies of those embracing that worldview. One example is the rapid, unprecedented, rush towards National Health Care, i.e. – Socialized Medicine. This is a Communist construct, make no mistake about it. As is the takeover of auto giants, ‘cash for clunkers,’ the takeover of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, etc. Not one of those bears any resemblance to Capitalism,which is why you see the outrage in various townhall meetings. Many Americans understand this, and the left wing (re: Communist) media wants to demonize them as a result. The program must go forward, Comrade.

And O’Reilly, as well intended as he may be, fails to plainly state it in those terms. Glenn Beck, on the other hand, does not. Glenn Beck is quite clear and willing to call a Commie a Commie. O’Reilly has left wing (re: Communist) hacks such as Mark Lamont Hill, Ellis Henican, etc., Glenn Beck does not. O’Reilly tries to play it down the middle, but as any Believer understands, a house divided cannot stand. The “No Spin zone” had me spinning last night.

Last night was a true coming out moment for Officer O’Reilly. He stated his position, and unless he comes out tonight, on tonight’s show, and begs our understanding for what passes as the single largest ‘brain fart’ he’s ever had in his entire career, I have only one thing to say to Bill O’Reilly:

“Wise up.”



  1. she was politically daeagmd/done, I got a bit anxious, but it turned out to be for no reason. Typically, she does something to turn it around. This time, atypically, she stayed quiet, and that seems to have been the wisest thing to do. But there is definitely a pattern here, so it would take a lot more to make me concerned now.

  2. Aaron Mrozik /

    I was in a hurry and neglected a lot in my earlier posting. Again in the abolition of truths, look at what the evolutionist believe. If I am just an accident, then logically, there are no truths and there are no morals because there is no standard. I am an animal and when I act in that way, it is fully justified because in the end I am an accidental conglomeration of cells that ultimately we know nothing about the origins there of.

    There really is so much that is going on that are done by individual groups which loosely have ties to each other as liberals or progressives. What we see now, with the help of growing technology (Obama 2.0, the internet and all it’s wonder), is the ability to link and unify these groups who have their own individual agenda which are inline with communist beliefs. Unified, it is communism and it is taking hold under the red white and blue, it will fly the same flag as democracy as so many other countries do. Outwardly they look appealing and successful, but inside is a beast which we never wish to view.

  3. Aaron mrozik /

    I think O’Reily is getting paid off, just me, but I do.

  4. Aaron mrozik /

    I couldn’t agree more Dave. Communism is very well alive and most definitely a threat. I took it upon myself to read the communist manifesto to gain some understanding of their ideas and it is appalling. Communism calls for abolition of property, the passing of property through abolition of family, and abolition of religion and an abolition of absolute truths i.e. liberty, justice etc. I think i am missing one though with those it is enough to see that this is happening.

    Property, personal property is hacked at with excessive taxing and can be seen with the national health care plan. They take away our ability to own personal property by taking our money. Another thing to note is that I believe 5 of the 7 national banks are federally owned due to the banking crisis. So in essence, your lien is held by the federal government. It’s not a private company your dealing with, it’s the state.
    Passing property on is also attacked through the Death tax, which I highly implore people to find out more about creating corporations or talking with estate planners to protect your families property.

    The institution of family is being eradicated day by day. Look at our divorce rates, we now are accepting same sex relationships and marriages, and school is offering as many programs as possible to keep your kid there instead of at home. With so many single parent households, they have to work and then often times (which is being pushed by Obama to fill public service jobs) they must go to school. Next thing you know, the child sees their parent with maybe enough time to eat and a few hours intermittenly throughout a day. I know I’m missing more factors which are leading to destruction of family, these are just obvious to me off hand, so please comment more on this.

    I think it is all to apparent the attack on Christianity nationwide. There is a bill currently in our Senate if I do remember right that will add sexual orientation to the list of hate crimes. So as Christians speak out against homosexuality, we like a family in Pennsylvania where this reformation has already taken place, can and will be charged as criminals. We cannot even speak the name of Christ without being scoffed at by the populace.

    Absolute truths, pssss the attack on Liberty and Justice is so apparent, you can hardly look at anything that the left supports that will essentially eradicate those rights to us as human beings, and it’s being done in the name of humanity, of helping the poor, of bettering society. We are a democratic capitalist nation, there is nothing better for humanity in a governing sense. there is nothing comparable to Christ which helps humanity, but dare we speak his name.

    This is a huge problem and it’s flying in under the radar, I think much of the problem is that people are not looking at the whole picture. Universal Healthcare, that’s not communism (or socialism), nationalizing auto industries, that’s not communism, and now “How’s that capitalism working for you?”, that’s not communism.

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