UnCommon Entrepreneur: The Art of Barter

The wrong video from Chicago Tonight was originally embedded here.  Please forgive us the mixup.  It was an UnCommon error.



  1. johnjkirkwood /

    Sorry Artskoe; We embedded the wrong video, but you don’t seem to know our ministry very well if you think that we are proponents of Joel Osteen. Thanks for giving us the benefit of the doubt. Our apologies for embedding the wrong video.

  2. Artskoe /

    1. Joel Osteen already gave this message in ’06, without mentioning God either.

    2. Follow this book, and the uncommon church will be mega before Chicago gets the Olympics, the Bears win the Super Bowl and Jerry Jones has to raise his billion dollar video board!

    Thanks for sharing. Now I know why I didn’t succeed at anything.

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