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Intro – Dave’s New Soldier – Topics

Ted Kennedy Memorial, Uncommon Style!

This Is Your Brain On Liberal

TOTUS Obama’s Poll #s Dropping

Reagan Prophecies & Obama Deconstructs the CIA

More Destruction Of Our National Security

Dark Knight Award

Townhall Updates & Great Audio Clips

McCain At A Townhall on Obama, Worldviews

Theological Ambush on the Parson – How to Pray for President Obama Pt. #1

Theological Ambush on the Parson – How to Pray for President Obama Pt. #2

Health Scare – An Appendix, Babies & Other Scary Things

Interview With Laurie Higgins of the IFI On Sex in the Public Schools -Warning, Some Graphic Language Pt. #1

Interview With Laurie Higgins of the IFI On Sex in the Public Schools -Warning, Some Graphic Language Pt. #2



  1. Very interesting details you have noted , thanks for posting .

  2. Quote from Calvin “LET US TAKE UP THE SUBJECT OF “FAVORTISM” FOR A MOMENT, SHALL WE? Let’s say that there was a tasting with a Spanish wine importer with whom Bob has a long term relationship. If objectivity is maintained, it’s no different than tasting samples mailed from producers or other importers, right? But let’s assume:

  3. כסא מנהלים /

    היי הידעתם? ריהוט משרדי הינו כולל ארון משרדי וארון משרדי וריהוט משרדי יוקרתי

  4. Preacher and the Teacher… Like it!!!

    Preacher…Enough w/ the facebook cracks bro… are you afraid of it? does it threaten your manhood??? A real man can utilize facebook w/out feeling “manless”. The wise are utilizing yet another channel to educate… Again John, get on the technology train… come on Pastor, all the “spiritual” kids are doing it…. All aboard… chuga chuga choo choo…. lol
    “I have become all things to all people that I may save a few”

    why did people take so long to see Obama’s plan is not good for America? Americans who don’t politically educate themselves… people who depend on 2,5 and 7. They see it now because people like you guys as well as many of our conservative brothers and sisters who take the time to share w/ the uneducated, one on one… Via word of mouth, emails and FACEBOOK etc… Thanks again for what you guys do :)

    People don’t like to talk about it… even if they believe it… for fear of being a racist or an “uncle tom” But, obviously, more and more, people are afraid of him more than they are afraid of being labeled… Thank good ness !!!

    I don’t like the patriot act… it is a foot in the door… may be benign now…but it will and could have been used for evil. It may be good under a good administration… Or a tool for evil to an evil administration… just like all those “benign” social programs for the children, right? Medicare was a foot in the door… now look what they are pushing!

    I pray for the President too… that those believers w/ in his circle of influence would share salvation w/ him and that his eyes and ears would be open to hear it. If he does trust Christ, I would pray for him to feed the new nature and follow God’s Word in his decisions.

    Every time I hear David Hedrick speak, it makes me beam w/ pride… not only for his words, but also for the crowds response… Yes indeed, America has a pulse :) “This big dog will fight when you rattle his cage”

    I voted for Palin as well… John McCain is respectful, which is admirable, but he is so busy being “the let’s get along, buddy, kumbyha”, that he is becoming more and more ineffective. We can be disagreeable w/out being disrespectful. Sometimes we need to offend to get the point across. This administration needs to be challenged…this is not a partisan issue… this is a fight for constitutional rights!!!

    Really enjoyed your guest. No public school for my future children.

    keep up the good work :
    Your sister in Christ

  5. This is your brain on liberal, a free pass doesn’t even touch it. That was such an insult Ms. Garofolo they all were but my gosh. I am a white, a redneck when I get too much sun, I am not racist I just never liked Obama from the get go, in fact i didn’t even know who he was when I lived in Illinois until he decided to run. Am I an idiot, that must explain why I am getting straight A’s as a full time student at a private institution and work roughly 40 hours a week. But what do I know I am a southern redneck idiot. Thank God I have Christ who showed the world, not just me, mercy. Thank you lord, forgive them, forgive me, we do not always know what we do.

    Can we find an address of some sort to write complaint letters to on this person?

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