NewsFlash – Dick Durbin Town Hall this weekend??

If you live in the Chicago-land area, you most likely only see your elected officials on three types of occasions: 1) when they are running for office, 2) when they are taking credit for something they didn’t do, and 3) when they are being arrested by the Feds.  In fact, despite the fact that Chicago is the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the country, there have only been 6 Town Hall Meetings scheduled in the entire Chicago-land area!  This includes 4 from Rep. Danny Davis (D-Chicago).  But is there a chance that we will get to attend a Town Hall sponsored by the senior Senator from Illinois?  Not in a million years.  Senator Dick “The Turban” Durbin (D-$$) has no interest in hearing from his constituents.  He will be starting his next campaign soon and the last thing he needs is footage of him stammering over a simple and logical question posited by a angry constituent.  He has nothing to gain (for himself) and everything to lose (for himself).  Like so many of our “non-representing representatives” (God bless, Bob Basso), he will duck and cover until the recess bell rings and it’s time to go back to class next month.

The good news is that some people aren’t satisfied with it playing out like that.  A little bird told me that there will be a “de facto” Dick Durbin Town Hall this very weekend!  Patriots of all shapes and sizes will be gathering outside his Chicago office in the Loop to voice their displeasure at his non-representation.  His office is just off the Federal Plaza (230 S. Dearborn in Chicago) and the organizers are starting around 12pm this Saturday, August 22nd.  This has been publicized (and reportedly sponsored) by AM560 WIND and Cisco Cotto (post here). 

If any of our Uncommon readers will be in the city this weekend, this could be a great opportunity to meet some like-minded patriots and make the walls ring with insistent voices raised in unison!


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