Uncommon Sense Webcast


UnCommon Sense Webcast

Calling Sheila Jackson-Lee – Intro – Topics

Two Faces of President Obama – Pt. #1

Two Faces of President Obama – Pt. #2

Obama Plays Pretend

Parson & Cleaner Fire Up A Townhall

More Townhall Insights

Hillary Unleashed & Unhinged

Luke Hamilton – Top 5 Nazi Movies, Pt. #1

Luke Hamilton – Top 5 Nazi Movies, Pt. #2

Luke Hamilton – Top 5 Nazi Movies, Pt. #3 & Luke’s Nuggets, Even More Nazis!

This Day In History & Liborio Talks Cuba, Pt. #1

Liborio Talks Cuba, Pt. #2

Liborio Talks Cuba, Pt. #3

Cheney Unloads And Baghdad Bob & Shamwow Vince Sell Health Care



  1. amen friends, why are you here, that is exactly what i was thinking. Don ‘t get me wrong, there are few things that make me more proud to be an American than a person legally coming to America to find a new beginning, a future, a promise that cannot be found in their home country. Yet on the same token, there are few things I despise more than the trash talking of our nation which willingly opens it’s arms to such ungrateful people. And even more so the trash talking by Americans citizens. I would love to see the world and even live in another country for some time, but I will never forget that millions leave those places to come to the place of my birth. Thank you Lord!!!!!

  2. is minutely confused how there is competition, which is so avidly being pushed in my face, when “Employer based healthcare is erased”. I tell you what the more a person comes to find out about communist thought and the like, the more you see how absolutely hypocritical their garbage is. Do as I say not as I do should be their slogan not workers unite. They know as much about working and the bounty received for it, materialistic or non, as a sloth. Keep sockin it to us brothers!

  3. My 1 cent (sorry, the other cent was stolen from me and given to some guy I dont know)

    Thank you Bros! :) Yes, that made me laugh, and Dave, I would like to offer my services. Anyone you would like to pummel, I would be more than happy to hold your coat, or have some refreshments waiting for you afterwards. Just let me know! Oh, I have a few people to add to your list as well. :)

    Facebook is being used by God to minister to hundreds of people. We have a unique opportunity to preach the Awesomeness of our Lord and Savior in a way that is “not in your face” and “read at your own will”. Its a way to “unoffensively” witness to my family and friends in a way I can not always do in person. Its a blessing :) God knew there would be facebook and knew Brother Dave and I would sign up and has prepared works for us to do by that avenue… Dave’s ministry, as well as Luke’s has been teaching God’s institutions through articles. Mine has been sharing God’s truths through my thoughts and quotes :) Get on the technology train Brother John. :) Its not evil… Love ya!

    *** The Liberal Theme song is ” whatever it is, I’m against it” From Horse Feathers (Marx Bros.)

    You have now just entered the Obama Zone…. where you can be in our universe and an alternate (opposite) universe at the same time ! Otherwise known as flip flopping !
    Pres Obama sounded like a preacher when he was talking about how he wants single payer insurance
    Our Military is made up of the private sector who CHOOSE to be living sacrifices for us. A unique and special breed of Americans… That, and Only that is the reason why it runs “well”. Any problems w/ it stem from Washington!

    Love, Love Love Ray Charles version of America! Sooooo soulful!

    THANK YOU… We DON’T want to be Europe… we fought to be separate from them 233 yrs ago for a REASON! Go Bro!!!

    You tell him, John. Im a Cub fan David! Shame on you!!!
    Cubs are two games up on your Sox… Bet you want that Sox jacket Pres Obama has… you know, the one that helped his team win the All Star Game!!!

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