Uncommon Sense Webcast


UnCommon Sense Webcast

The Parson’s Carbon Legacy – Intro – 27 & 34 Million

Hamas Robbing the Cradle

3 Stooges – Bill, Vlad and Ryan

Interview – Dr. S.M. Davis – Christian Family Living – Part 1

Interview – Dr. S.M. Davis – Christian Family Living – Part 2

Political Arrogance, Part 1 – Barbara Boxer

Political Arrogance, Part 2 – Townhall Meetings

Political Arrogance, Part 3 – More Townhall Fun

Obama – Making a List, Checking it Twice

Health Care Astroturfers – This Day in History

Luke Hamilton: 1984 – Best Year for Movies?

Luke Hamilton: 1984 & Luke’s Nuggets



  1. I beseech you two, please continue this radio show, it is inspirational and uplifting and makes me so proud to be a Conservative Christian American, heck it makes me feel plain good period. Thank You and keep up this work!

  2. The interview with Dr. S.M. Davis was very good. I have never heard someone ever entertain emotional purity among our relationships. I may have, however it never struck me until now. Dr. Davis gave me insight into understanding the man that I should endeavor to be. It is followed up with a fabulous commentary on the state of our nation through a biblical viewpoint. Dr. Davis, Amen, thank you!

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