Acting Stupidly: The Picture That Will Define An Administration

Full Disclosure:  We here at Uncommon Sense were not positive on Officer Crowley attending President Obama’s ‘Beerfest.’  In fact, we were hoping he would decline the invitation, and that due to believing he was about to be manipulated, used as a tool for the Obama administration.

We now admit that we were wrong.

As it turns out, we are more than pleased he went.  We never would have guessed something like this could happen, leading us to wonder where coincidence ends and Divine Providence begins.  Note the picture below:

Obama Ignoring

This was a gift.  This picture demonstrates many a lesson, many a metaphor.  While this post is not intending to explore them all, at least two are in order.

Consider the man, Officer Crowley, a blue collar public servant unjustly accused of being a racist, ridiculed as having “acted stupidly” by his President (who didn’t, “…know all the facts”), beaten up in the media – certainly the CNNs and MSNBCs, etc., of the world – helping his accuser down the stairs.  If you had no idea who these two men were you might conclude Officer Crowley to be a family member, a personal care giver, or something else along those lines.

He’s gently assisting the older man down the stairs, and his body language suggests he is concerned.  He’s there, he’s helping, taking care of things.  He obviously cares.  And this devotion is to a man who was raised by a Malcom X (“White men are a race of devils!”) adoring mother, a man who is a race bating Communist, a man who for exorbitant tuition fees fills the heads of young students with proverbial mush, literally “pseudo-science,” whose very worldview and thoughts are more in line with W.E.B. DuBois and Cornel West than George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

But Crowley didn’t abandon him.  Knowing the frailty of the elderly man, and despite the inbred hatred of this man, Crowley is helping him.  He’s still serving and protecting the public to whom he’s dedicated his life.

Now consider this.  President Obama has, at this very moment, a newly proposed bill attempting to take hold of our lives – Universal Health Care.  It is widely reported, and accurately so in our opinion, that portions of this bill would suggest trouble for senior citizens.  This article hasn’t the time to deal with those concerns, but they are real, and must be made known to every American.

And what is our President doing?  It would appear that he, like his proposed bill, is leaving the elderly behind.  To quote the President: “Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller…”

In the above photo President Obama strides ahead of both parties, unaware he’s being photographed – and that is the truest test of a person, what they do when they believe no one is taking notes, let alone photographs.  He’s showing no concern at all for his (so called) “friend” Professor Gates.

That is arrogance.  That is what happens when President Obama doesn’t have a “Teleprompter” advising him of his next move.  Perhaps it’s a silly suggestion, however, one can imagine TOTUS screaming to President Obama, “Turn around, turn around, your enemy is helping your friend while you’re doing nothing!!”

But that didn’t happen, TOTUS wasn’t there to advise President Obama, the camera shutter clicked, and history was recorded.

What this will mean is not yet clear.  Only certain media outlets will report it, institutions of truth, like Uncommon Sense, American Thinker, Gateway Pundit, Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily and others.  But don’t count on seeing this featured on your local news tonight.  And if you only have CNN and MSNBC on your cable system, forget it, game over for you, it won’t be an issue with these elitists.

And my favorite place of lower news info, the Huffington Post?  Goodness, not in your wildest dreams.  Ariana would have been even further along than President Obama had it been her ‘Beerfest.’

Liberal news outlets are killing their own cause by intentionally blinding their readers to the truth, but rest assured, real Americans all over this country are beginning to sit up and take notice.  What they are noticing is that this administration, this presidency, above and beyond any other in recent memory (or of all time?) believes you are too stupid to tell right from wrong.  Too stupid to decide what’s best for you.  Too stupid to distinguish haughty self righteous arrogance from genuine concern and love for our country.  And far too stupid to recognize true  integrity and character from a fabricated, media hyped, creation of feel good reverse racism.

It is becoming clear to this author that America wanted to feel good about electing a black man to office.  A man with little to no relevant experience, a man having more than a handful of noteworthy and dubious personal relationships, a man with more background questions having gone unanswered than, even to this day, having been answered.

But he’s got our attention now.  We’re listening, and it’s going to be a long 3.5 years.  Keep film in your cameras, and keep those batteries charged.

Oh, and one more thing:  Thank you Officer James Crowley.  Thank you for being a class act in the middle of a hailstorm of hate, you bring honor to us all as Americans.


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