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TOTUS – KIA: QAHCAA – The Messiah heals the masses;

This Day in History: Conservative Hallowed Ground; Unions – Hate the sin, Love the sinner;

Dennis Miller hangs up on the Parson – Tom Ridge, the Harriet Miers of VP wannabes;

Lenny Kravitz; Sarah Palin goes Pro-Choice? – Dave should be Stoned!;

Doltin’ Joe Biden vs. Joe Sixpack; vouchers; Ronald Reagan – ‘Socialism’;

Enraged CNN Reporter gets the boot;

Ronald Reagan – ‘Socialized Medicine’; Sinead O’Connor & NEWSWEEK diss the Pope;

Luke Hamilton – The 3 Stooges; Transformers 2;

Luke Hamilton – Luke & The Parson give the Cleaner a ‘blanket party’ over Spielberg’s Munich


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  1. interesting show. Concerning the important things… The Stooges.. LOL
    Joe Biden as Curly Joe. No one is worthy enough to play Curly!

    fyi… you guys bicker like husband and wife sometimes! I will let you figure out who is the woman… LOL
    just kidding.

    Enjoying the show!

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