Rush ‘Smacks Down’ Medved and McCain

Sarkozy and Obama discuss Stimulus at G8 conference!
Sarkozy and Obama discuss Stimulus at G8 conference!

NewsBreak: Bad news for the ‘Black Helicopter Brigade’ who make their living by identifying the ‘Anti-Christ.’  Up until the recent event at the G-8 conference, they could still point to Barak Obama as fulfilling the requirements of the dark prince, but I’m afraid that it is now obvious (see picture above) that he only partially upholds the prophecy of Daniel 11:37:

 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers (√), nor the desire of women (Χ), nor regard any god (√): for he shall magnify himself above all (√).

Though, don’t feel too bad guys, he does measure up in 3 out of those 4 predictions; but 75% doesn’t qualify.  The good news is that you can still fall back on old George W.

In other news, even while on vacation the most potent voice of conservatism renders his verdict to the naysayers – ‘See I Told You So.’  While observing radio-silence on some golf get-a-way, Rush Limbaugh smacks down McCain, Medved and a whole host of Republican Nancy-boys who got their panties in a wad when Rush set the tone of the opposition by hoping that Obama fails.  And the best part is, Rush doesn’t know it yet. 

Still stuck in political puberty, the ‘holier-than-thou’ crowd shouted down the Maha-Rushie for displaying ‘poor judgment,’ a lack of courtesy or a sheer unpatriotic spirit in his wishing out-loud that the ’12th Imam’ actually fail in his bid to bring about Saul Alinsky’s Amerika.   The ‘last man standing’ however, in the face of criticism from the papanazis in the main-stream media and from the “If I apologize for breathing, can I still come to your party” castrati of the GOP, stuck to his guns.   

Most conservative radio show hosts are elated about the latest polling data from Rasmusssen and Gallup that show the publics confidence in Obama dropping faster than a Brooke Shield’s tear at a pedophile’s memorial; Michael Medved among them.  He  started his show on Friday, July 10th drueling over the data as if it were a 16 year old brazilian girl (see above picture); which bids us ask: How can one who openly boasted that he was not like his conservative counterparts (read in Rush Limbaugh) in hoping the President would fail and even going further to explain that he hopes that President Obama succeeds, then act as if it were Christmas in July when the polls show he is failing?

Medved and McCain are of course too proud to apologize and the ‘left-dream media’ already know that apologies are for sissies (read in Republicans) and Rush is actually too big to want or even notice an apology from this sort; but I’m not.  I would like Michael Medved to start his show on Monday or do a spot on UnCommonshow and forward an apology to all true Conservatives.  It should go something like this:

“To my brothers and sisters in the Conservative Movement and to all thinking Americans (is that redundant?); Please accept my sincere apologies for ever questioning the Big Dog.  The Big Dog is always right (at least 98.6% of the time).  I erred in a number of areas: I misjudged the intent of the ‘Anointed One’ and the Neo-Comm’s, I underestimated the speed and ferocity in which they would deface our Nation’s heritage;  but most of all I took for granted the discernment of those who love this country and have supported myself and others in her defense.  Perhaps I was feeling a bit “Mavericky” or perhaps I was just jealous that Rush is still the Big Man on Campus.  I humbly (wow, that was hard) ask for your forgiveness and hope that I can be admitted back into your good graces after the double embarassment of having supported John McCain for the Republican Nomination and having backbit the Doctor of Democracy.  Let us all come together and express our patriotic desire that this President, Barak Hussein Obama, fail and continue to fail in his attempt to make the Land of the Free into the People’s Republic of Obamistan.  And let us join together with renewed interest in keeping the Home of the Brave, the Greatest Country on God’s Green Earth!

Now, if you did that Michael, you might even get some audience back.  As for me and my house I will listen to Sandy Rios from 3-5 on WYLL AM 1160.  Note to program manager at Salem Broadcasting:  Sandy should get a 3 hour show and you should probably up Guy Bensen to the Morning slot.  This town ain’t big enough for more than one …



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  1. This may seem a trivial point, and perhaps I`m missing something. In two of your articles, you spelled drool,`druel.`

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