The Nero Hour: Fiddling While Washington Burns

“Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad,” was the mantra that led to the revolution in Animal Farm.  “All animals are equal” became one of the slogans of the revolt and the pig take over resulted in a ban on  living in houses, sleeping in bed with sheets and walking upright (sounds like the protocal of the cap and trade bill).  Eventually when the pigs broke their own rules and the double standard was pointed out, the handwriting on the wall was amended to read “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Throughout Dubya’s tenure, it was meticulously pointed out by the pigs each time he went to the ranch in Crawford, played Golf on a week-end, even how many seconds it took him to read The Pet Goat to a group of school children on the morning of September 11th, 2001. 

How does President Obama hold up?

With two wars ongoing and by his own admission, ‘the worst financial crisis since the great depression,’ he threw a luau at the White House complete with a Dunk Tank featuring his press Secretary, a t-shirted Robert Gibbs (Bill Clinton just smacked himself V8 style for not thinking of this while he had Dee Dee Myers).

Just ahead of the GM bankruptcy filing President Obama decided to joyride in AirForce 1 with an entourage of two other planes and Marine 1, to take his wife to a Broadway play … when asked about the cost of the trip, a spokesman for the administration responded, ‘Let Them Eat Cake.’

Early in June the first couple headed to France, where the Daily News reports that Michelle Obama enjoys Paris privilege barred to millions in France: Sunday shopping.   Apparently the U.S. embassy called ahead to have a store open for the 1st Lady and The Daily News adds, “Presumably the boutique won’t have to worry about paying hefty fines for shops that buck a 1906 law banning most Sunday shopping.”  I guess some are more equal than others.

F.D.R. a President that our current President likes to compare himself to, once sent a written State of the Union address to congress because he was too wrapped up in fighting a war; wouldn’t it be nice to see President Obama wearing that serious quality, rather than a Hawaiian lei. 

I guess Congress is drinking from the same trough as President Obama as the WSJ reports Congress’s Travel Tab Swells  Spending on Taxpayer-Funded Trips Rises Tenfold; From Italy to the Galápagos.

I wonder if Michael Moore will make a movie counting how many minutes President Obama delayed in giving the order for the Seals to dispatch the Somali Pirates?  Hmmm. michael_moore


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