Trailer for “U.N. Me”

Thankfully there are finally some conservative films being made in Hollywood. The successes of films like “Fireproof”, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, and “American Carol” are starting to catch the eye of studio executives. Not enough to open the floodgates of funding, but enough to register that there is an audience appreciative of conservative cinema. Hopefully this summer will see a couple of more films added to that list of recent independant successes, namely..“The Stoning of Soraya M.” and “U.N. Me”.  “U.N. Me” is a documentary exploring the useless institution that we call the United Nations.  It looks hilarious and I really hope that it opens in Chicago.

This is such an exciting time to be a conservative cinephile.  With the accessibility and affordability of digital video and editing suites that can run on a laptop, it has never been easier to film, edit, and produce an independant film.  I’m so pumped that my fellow conservative brethren are making such strides in the industry and I look forward to supporting their endeavors.  If you feel likewise, please show your support by going to these films and spreading the word.  Hollywood has had a stranglehold on the film industry for too long!


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