The Celebrity America Will Miss The Most

They say that everything happens in threes, and over the last few days, America and the world have lost three iconic figures:  a side-kick non-pareil, an angel with a broken halo,  and the world’s most talented and troubled court jester.   In the 8th grade, I wanted a Farrah t-shirt more than

Bill Clinton wanted astro-turf in the back of his El Camino, but Ed McMahon probably meant the most to me growing up.   I was a PK (pastor’s kid for you dailykos types) so the t-shirt wasn’t doable, but Johnny Carson was a mainstay and nobody played the part of the second fiddle like Ed McMahon.  It wasn’t just his laugh but his incredible timing and harmony with Johnny; he knew his role and his role was to make the host look good and no one did it better.  farrah-fawcettFarrah was a beautiful girl who had her moment – almost like a one-hit wonder because we all can remember the poster but no one remembers her work (other than the Lorena Bobbit-like, sew the dude up in the bed and light it on fire moment in the aptly named Burning Bed).  I wonder if Governor Sanford’s wife has seen that movie?  If not she should invite Elizabeth Edwards over for a Cosmo and a viewing.  Farrah’s biggest accomplishment was that she was the first heavily trafficked object of the Paparazzi.  Michael Jackson is another case.  I don’t wish to speak ill of the dead but let’s face it, if this guy couldn’t sing and dance he would have been MoonWalking up and down San Quentin’s C-Block.  God Rest his soul.  A few weeks before we lost this strange triumverate, David Carradine parted time for eternity.  I won’t comment here on the specifics of his death, there’s just so much that isn’t known; but I never quite got over his inside trading (on family name and influence) to get the role of Kwai Chang Caine.  Anyone with a pulse knew Kung Fu should have belonged to Bruce Lee.  I guess I hold grudges.  I’m a McQueen guy so don’t even ask about Paul Newman.  To quote Master Kan – “To suppress a truth is to give it force beyond endurance.” 263985david-carradine-posters

As I’m writing this however, America may have missed the greatest celebrity death that will largely go un-noticed in the wake of these entertainment giants – the death of Free Market Capitalism –

Global Warming Bill House Resolution 2454 passes 219-212.



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