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Americans have, as a country, learned to deal with death from our founding to the present day.  However, death has a somewhat harsher, scarier, more shocking sting to it as of at least the past 30 years, or so.  If that’s a rather difficult statement for you to accept it means, in all likelihood, you’re under 40 and have no relatives or friends having given their lives in the service of our country. Ask most folks over 40 and they will tell you of lost loved ones.  Ask any elderly member of your family and that list will be longer.  Our elders were a tougher breed than we are now, trust me on that.  If I may be so bold, we’re more or less a nation of cowards, politically speaking, as we cruise into the 21st century.  (Don’t jump, just think about it for a few moments.)

Point is, we’ve grown a bit soft when it comes to death.  It is, in fact, at least partly to blame for resistance to entering any affair where American lives will be in peril.  I am not downplaying the importance of carefully, critically, making these decisions, (full disclosure – my daughter is currently in the Army), I am merely pointing out that our tolerance for inevitable loss of life is down to a basically zero, a highly improbable proposition.

The past two weeks, as John has pointed out in his earlier blog today, has seen the loss of several rather famous lives.  One of them, Michael Jackson, has dominated the news.  I’d like to say I understand why, but the truth is I do not.  I must be an ice cold beast, as I almost couldn’t care less.  And please, I grew up listening to him, and enjoyed his music to some degree.  I just tuned out when he began to go insane, and certainly when he began to like children a wee too much for my taste.

That being said, and putting Michael aside for the moment, the world lost someone you SHOULD know.  Someone who, if we don’t allow her memory to fade, if her people do not allow her death to be in vain, may be the face of the Iranian revolution.  This person could be what the murdering Communist monster Che Guevara became, but in her case for the right reason.

The person you should know is Neda Agha-Soltan.  Here is a brief story/bio of this beautiful young woman, whose life was recently extinguished by an act of government gone insane:


Neda’s Story

Please read her story, it’s a short read.  Imagine, for just a moment, that she was your daughter.  I did, as we have a daughter Neda’s age, so it wasn’t difficult to do.  Now, if you can bear it, imagine you are her father in this scene, as the man you will hear wailing in emotional agony is just that:

Neda’s Death – (Must be 18 and signed-in to YouTube to view this)

I’ll bet you had a hard time watching that, if you did at all.

That is Iran, right now, today, as a result of a corrupt government, a corrupt theocratic worldview.  They are murdering their own people, no rhyme or reason to it, just murdering them for their opposition to the Islamic mullahs’ puppet regime.  You cannot envision this in America, and let’s all thank God for that.  What really rankles our chain is “Cap & Trade” legislation.

This kind of thing (murder, mayhem, genocide, etc.) happens often in foreign lands, Africa, the Middle East, Asia.  It’s not uncommon.  We’ve grown soft because of our lack of conflict, we’ve lost our edge, our tolerance.  We’re afraid to acknowledge its existence elsewhere.  Both a blessing and a curse when you think about it, really.  However, have we lost our sensitivity to the plight of others, as well?  Are we that preoccupied with TV, video games and text messaging?  Seems that way.  If not that, we must admit that because of our multi-cultural tolerance we’re not making any moral distinctions and/or judgment between the  culture of others and our own.

But we should.

Ours is better, and we should be proud of that, we should be confident enough to say it, too.  Seems we’re too scared to do even that much these days.  We’re a Judeo-Christian country, and it WORKS.  Our worldview is simply the best thing going.  It’s superior to any other on the planet, and I say, “Amen!” to that, how about you?

So, my prayer is that Neda be the new face of a new movement, a movement where people say they’ve had it, they won’t live in a theocratic prison.  Her death would not be in vain if that happened, if the Iranian people did what we did almost 233 years ago.  And I’d buy her shirt, too.  I’d love to bump into a deluded person wearing a Che shirt if I were to have my Neda shirt on, that would be priceless.

Remember her, try to imagine what these people are going through, and pray that they pull through.  Remember, IF they pull through, our children won’t have to do the heavy lifting for them in the near future.

In the meantime, here’s a great movie recommendation for you – “The Stoning of Sorayah M.”

You won’t find this one at your neighborhood cinema this weekend, you’ll have to seek it out.  I am going to.  It’s a movie worth paying for, it’s a movie that will educate you as to the horror of living under the insane Muslim worldview of Sharia Law.  You should understand what Sharia Law is, as it’s popping up all over Europe due to the influx of hardcore Middle Eastern Muslims, and could very well creep slowly, but systematically, into our country, as well.  Honor killings, coming to your subdivision in the not too distant future.

This movie is more than a count down to a stoning, it’s a window into a world we’d rather not know exists, but does, indeed, exist.  It might make your skin crawl, but may I offer this as an alternate result?

It also might make your skin just that much thicker, too, and it is my belief that America needs a healthy dose of thicker skin right about now.

If you see it, please, stop back in and tell us how it affected you.

Post Script…

This movie is already generating a frenzy of stunning madness from the usual suspects on the Left. Please visit the below and you’ll see some examples. I cannot explain why, but the Left simply does not accept the moral superiority of our culture and the plain evidence of evil deriving from that of so many others.

The Unhinged Left



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