Identifying Character, Intent and Destiny

We often hear/use the phrase ‘Guilt by Association.’  President Obama was routinely accused of guilt via association with any number of dubious characters, beginning with being vetted upon winning the nomination for his party last year.  (He was virtually off the radar prior, few here in Illinois really knew who he was – to our shame.)

However, I would like to submit the notion that it’s not actually guilt BY association that should have our attention, rather, perhaps it’sguilt OF association.

I don’t have any evidence, for example, that President Obama did (or would have) helped his friend William Ayers plant bombs designed to disrupt society, destroy public property and potentially harm (or murder) other Americans. I pray that he would not have done such things and that he would shun, abhor, actually, the very thought.  Yet, as will be seen below, our current president has closer ties to William Ayers of the ‘Weather Underground’ fame than anyone ought really feel comfortable.  And it doesn’t stop there.

Perhaps some are asking why bring all this up again, it’s been done and redone. He’s president, it’s a done deal, let it go.  Perhaps.  However, recently I have become aware of someone new in President Obama’s life, and felt it worth sharing.

While we’ve been worrying, and rightly so, about the economy, wars, our financial future, etc., President Obama has found a new “spiritual advisor.”  You all remember the previous one, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  This new person in our president’s life is Rev. Jim Wallis.

What’s that, you say?  Never heard of this guy?  Welcome to the club.  So, let’s check him out, and then have a re-examination of persons close to our president, just for old time’s sake.

An article from FrontPageMagazine will help get things rolling:

Rev. Jim Wallis

It would be important to at the very least note that Rev. Wallis has, as do most of President Obama’s group of closest confidants, clear and present ties to…  …Communism.  Sprinkled with ‘Liberation’ theology, too boot.  Don’t jump just yet, do the research and make your own decision, then jump.  Read the story attached to that link, please, then continue.

(If the above link was all you read, if you stopped at that point, you would have learned something valuable.  I am asking that you continue on, and complete the lesson.  It’s a lesson you won’t ever obtain watching T.V. or reading any of the major newspapers, I promise you that.)

And so, even should we give this latest Rev. the benefit of the doubt, it appears that he has the highly incorrect view that the world should function something like the early church did during the Acts period, chapters 2 through 5 in particular, a point in time when it was stated that they (the church), had, “…all things in common”  (See Acts 2:44 and 4:32.)  However, it’s a form of ‘social engineering’ if/when this doesn’t happen by choice, and that choice coming through a common faith, and that faith being a love for the Savior and His pending Kingdom.  (Let’s not confuse a group of Jews anxiously awaiting their Messiah’s return for the precursor of Communism.)

That this form of psuedo-Christian-Communistic social engineering be accomplished in our day is also President Obama’s worldview.  This is virtually beyond dispute, the only question is what do we now do with this information?  I would submit we study it, learn from it, extrapolate from it, and vote appropriately in the next election, for starters.

Social engineering via a swift shift towards Socialism – which is merely ‘Communism Lite’ – is no substitution for the actions of true Believers during the early period of Acts, regardless of the intent.  And here’s something that may shock you:  Unlike many of my Conservative and other Christian friends, I don’t think President Obama is an abominably evil person.  (We’re all evil, you know, but that’s an entirely different subject.)  I believe that President Obama is nothing more than a Multi-Cultural Pluralist (certainly with regards to religion), operating under the sincere belief that Socialism can and will work given the right intentions.  I also believe that Liberals always make the same mistake over and over in believing our good willed human intentions can somehow make flawed plans succeed.  After all, Socialism/Communism has never been successful anywhere for any length of time, yet every time it’s attempted the mantra is, “Well, it just hasn’t been tried by us!”

Good intentions, they will blind you to the objectivity of history.  You can thank the public school system for this, to a certain degree, because if it teaches political philosophy at all any longer there is certainly no moral distinctions made during the teaching.

So, with this newest mentor now known to you, this Rev. Jim Wallis, let’s take a trip down memory lane.  Let’s take a look at those having formed the core of our current president’s social, political & moral foundations.  Let’s see if this is just another new addition to a cast of characters all operating under similar worldviews and ultimate objectives.   We know so little of President Obama, such as the country of his birth, for example, that a close examination of his closest associates only seems to make sense.

You’re about to meet some people, perhaps see some new names & faces, and put faces to a person or two of whom you’ve heard mentioned on TV, in the papers, etc.  And I hope you are a little taken aback by the pattern you’ll see, as it’s good that you know this information, perhaps you might be able to pass it along to folks still ‘on the fence’ about things.

Let’s begin.

During the election campaign you may have seen this video, the one with the now very famous ‘Joe the Plumber.’  Take another look and be honest with yourself, Senator Obama couldn’t have been more clear had he tried, he just didn’t use the ‘S’ word, let alone the ‘C’ word.  (These words are ‘Socialist’ and ‘Communist,’ in case you’re still interested in playing this game.)  Check it out, it’s pretty obvious, he slipped, and no one but the “nasty” Conservatives called him on it:

Plumber Meets Future President

And poor Joe the Plumber, he sure took it on the chin by the Left, as he committed the ‘Unpardonable Sin’ of challenging the ‘Chosen One.’  Seriously, I’m not really stretching there, that’s all the guy did, and he took some heavy fire right for his chance encounter.  You may recall, they (some fine politicians from Ohio) abused his privacy, and were unapologetic for the intrusions.

So, if you’ll grant that Senator Obama is at least a Socialist leaning person, and I do hope you’re on board with that one – even his supporters might have a hard time arguing that point, if they’d argue it all – let’s take it up a notch.  Let’s look deeper into the archives, as it were, and see what was going on in the minds of some of the more influential persons in the president’s life and career.  Let’s not, for the moment, say that he *is* like them, but I do ask that you bear in mind that, for some odd reason, he did hang with them, and they with him, and that without any apparent ‘conflict resolution’ apparently needed.

And, for the record, unlike Christ, when President Obama was hanging with these more dubious pals he wasn’t actually (or even remotely) trying to get the to ‘repent’ from anything.  He says in public that their acts were, “…despicable,” and so on, but you just don’t get any sense that he thinks THEY are despicable *people*.  It’s so easy to have a forgive and FORGET mentality when you’re on the Left.  Association with shady characters is quickly forgotten, or, if you ask them, it SHOULD be forgotten.  Recall the statement made in reference to Rev. Wright:  “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.  I can no more disown him than I can disown my white grandmother…. These people are a part of me. And they are part of America, this country that I love.”

Yet, disown him he did. Lots of pressure will sometimes result in politicians doing such things.  The problem I had with all that was twofold:

1.  He did exactly what he said he WAS NOT going to do!  (No backbone, or doesn’t even believe himself and doesn’t expect you, too, either.)
2.  He did what he should have done about 19+ years too late.  (No sense of judgment, can’t tell the difference between good and evil.)

But, as bad as the Rev. Wright situation was/is, a man who does hate this country, and desires it to be remade in his own image, or, that of James Cone and ‘Black Liberation Theology’:

The Real Agenda of Black Liberation Theology

…here’s what Rev.Wright really thinks when the dust settles:

“As I said, whether he (Sen. Obama) gets elected or not, I’m still going to have to be answerable to God November 5th and January 21st. That’s what I mean. I do what pastors do.  He does what politicians do.”

Notice, no repentance, just a nutty ‘clarification’  On the accountability to God he’s 100% correct, but on the rest he’s just dead wrong.  PASTORS don’t (or shouldn’t) being saying such things as he, and POLITICIANS most certainly shouldn’t be operating in that fashion, that is, with ‘situational ethics.’  Essentially, to Rev. Wright, the whole thing is a big game, some players larger than others, certain venues greater than others, and we’re (supposedly) all in on it.  (20 years under this man’s ministry, President Obama?)

However, moving on from the easy target of the Reverend, there are far worse characters looming in president’s background, ones that you don’t know much, or even anything, about at the moment.  Those characters will now be presented for your review.

First up is this cat, Saul Alinsky, who wrote the book you see next to his pic:


Rules For Radicals

Okay, so what?  Seemingly harmless old guy, long deceased, who wrote a book about being a ‘radical,’ who cares, right?  Not so fast.  This man was one of those rarely mentioned influences on President Obama.  I found the following to be provacative:

“Although Obama did not study directly at “Alinsky School”, he was influenced enough by Alinsky to write a chapter in a book called After Alinsky: Community Organizing in Illinois.”  (By the way, Hillary Clinton, also an Illini, did her thesis on Sual Alinsky, think about that.)

He wrote the chapter entitled – Why Organize? Problems and Promise in the Inner City

“For three years Barack Obama was the director of Developing Communities Project, an institutionally based community organization on Chicago’s far south side.  He has also been a consultant and instructor for the Gamaliel Foundation, an organizing institute working throughout the Midwest.  Currently he is studying law at Harvard University. “Why Organize? Problems and Promise in the Inner City” was first published in the August/ September 1988 Illinois Issues [published by then-Sangamon State University, which is now the University of Illinois at Springfield].”

Chapter 4 (pp. 35-40) of After Alinsky By Barack Obama

Source  = Who is Saul Alinsky?

So, he began his ”Community Organizing’ career  based on the foundational philosophy and worldview of Saul Alinsky, who, I can assure you, was as Communistic as it gets in a free nation such as ours.  For a nice one-stop Saul Alinsky site, please visit.

Rules for Radicals

Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, the most interesting dedication to the above book reads as follows:

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins—or which is which), the fist radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”


And Senator Obama followed in THAT man’s footsteps?  Saddled up in the community organization world riding that guy’s coattails?  Please.  What communion hath light with darkness?  The question posed in 2nd Corinthians 6:14 is rhetorical, and the answer is NONE.  President Obama, may he in fact be a Christian, should be reproving this man, his background, and regretting any association with him, regardless of how remote it can be made to look.  But he doesn’t.

However, he was young, perhaps he didn’t know, and maybe this was the only such shady character in his bio & character formation.  Or not.  Let’s take a quick peek at a guy you probably have heard of, one William Ayers. His mug is below, both present and past:


Gotta love the patriotism – Communistic patriotism, that is.  Next is Ayers as a younger man, blowing things up and getting busted.


So, what’s this guy all about?  Well, he’s got an interesting past, and present.  He was a criminal, as you’ve probably heard, he liked to blow things up.  Government things, if he could get away with it.  (And he pretty much did!  Hey, he’s teaching our kids right now, today, isn’t he?)  He’s also anti-American, that’s why you see him standing on a flag for the photo from a recent cover of Chicago Magazine.  He’s ALSO a Communist, which is why you see him wearing a Cuba jersey, in the very recent picture above.  See, they’re not hiding anything, they just don’t use the words you need to hear, such as Communist. (We’re going to skip his ‘better half’ in this post, a gal by the name of Bernadine Dorhn, but you can check her out, she’s a real winner, too.)

Now, how do I know he’s a Communist?  And why does it matter?  Here’s some quick data:

The Door of Bill Ayers’ Office

Your tax dollars hard at work!

Here’s an interview Ayers gave with the actual Communist Party itself:

Bill Ayers Interviewed by the Communist Party

(If the Communist Party thinks he’s one of their own that’s good enough for me.)

Here’s a quote from Mr Ayers, it ought to shake you up:

In an interview published in 1995, Ayers characterized his political beliefs at that time and in the 1960s and 1970s: “I am a radical, Leftist, small ‘c’ communist … [Laughs] Maybe I’m the last communist who is willing to admit it. [Laughs] We have always been small ‘c’ communists in the sense that we were never in the Communist party and never Stalinists. The ethics of Communism still appeal to me. I don’t like Lenin as much as the early Marx.

I keep hammering it in my class, this guy is typical of college professorial level teaching.  YOUR kids are going to get a William Ayers clone eventually, are they ready to defend their worldview when that happens?  The “ethics” of Marx?  If you don’t know what that means you need to do some homework.

By the way, if you want to know why he prefers Marx to Lenin, it’s easy:  Lenin killed lots of folks, perhaps 4 million or more all said and done, it’s kind of on the record, but Marx didn’t actually kill anyone by his own hand.  Marx just wrote the playbook that made it all happen.  He easier to ‘like,’ as Marx appears to be innocent, despite history’s dismal body count as a result of his worldview.  There’s a ridiculous, near unlistenable, heavy metal song called ‘Let the Bodies Ht the Floor’ that some UFC fighters use as entrance music, and every time I hear that I think that should be Communism’s theme song, but I’m weird that way…

Here’s a real valuable insight for you:  Communism has never worked on planet Earth, anywhere, ever.  You almost have to admire unbridled human nature and its evil determination.  Evil never stops, and is forever convinced that time and enough pressure will see the good guys folding.  Don’t forget that, it’s why we shouldn’t fold.

So, “Where’s the connection, Dave?,” you’re wondering, why mention this guy, anyway?  I mention him because of the following:

In 1995, State Senator Alice Palmer introduced her chosen successor, Barack Obama, to a few of the district’s influential Liberals at the home of two well known figures on the local left: William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

While Ayers and Dohrn may be thought of in Hyde Park as local activists, they’re better known nationally as two of the most notorious — and unrepentant — figures from the violent fringe of the 1960s anti-war movement.

The Ayers Obama Connection

You can read up on William Ayers, what kind of a person he is, but let’s move on to the aforementioned Alice Palmer.  Okay, who the heck is she, and what’s her story?  Here’s a photo:

alice palmer

So, stop the presses!  Certainly this kind and gentle looking woman, a well educated, a Dr., a pivotal Chicago community organizer/activist, couldn’t *possibly* have a shady background, too, could she?  I’ll let you decide in a few moments.  While you read the below, bear in mind that at one time then Sen. Obama and Dr. Palmer were quite close in the community activism crowds of the South Side.

Palmer began working at Malcolm X College in Chicago in the late ’60s. She received her Masters degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle Campus and her Ph.D. from Northwestern University where she later became Director of African American Student Affairs.

Palmer, with her husband was also involved in the Chicago based Black Press Institute.  It was as a representative of this organization that Palmer served on the executive board of the US Peace Council from 1983 to 1985.

The US Peace Council, was according Rob Prince of the Colorado Federation of Teachers (and many others), created by the Communist Party USA.

In Lawrence S Wittner’s 2003 book, The Struggle Against the Bomb, Prince, a 15 year veteran of the CPUSA National Council describes how he was “part of a nucleus of Communist party activists” that set up the US Peace Council in 1978/79.

There were several known communists serving alongside Palmer on the Peace Council executive.

Who is Alice Palmer?

That’s just one of many, many, sources for the background on Dr. Palmer.

Paging Alice Palmer

The above has a good story to tell, and a rather insightful recalling of how Barack Obama came into his position of prominence here in Chicago.

“The scenario should remind people about how Obama started his political career.  His mentor, Alice Palmer, decided that she didn’t want to vacate her state Senate seat after all, but he got her disqualified anyway by challenging her petitions, as well as those for all of the other Democrats in the primary.  Obama wound up unopposed after he ensured that no other options would be available

Interesting.  He challenged HER petitions, and won, but during the election the state of Ohio basically allowed for the recognition of hundreds of thousands of new, and probably false, voter registrations.  ACORN, whoops, almost forgot about those guys, they’re a real hoot, too, but President Obama claimed not to know too much about that outfit.  Wow.

Okay, let’s calculate so far:  Rev. Wright, Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, and Alice Palmer, (heck, let’s throw in ACORN as a group, for that matter), just to name a few key players.  And there’s a host more (Dr. Quentin Young, Koji Ariyoshi, etc..), but time and printed paper don’t come easy or cheap these days, so we’ll get to one last guy you probably didn’t see coming.

Here’s a guy who I’m almost 100% certain most of you’ve never heard of, you’d have to have read President Obama’s book to know this man, or really done some digging on your own, and he, in my humble opinion, takes the cake.  He’s the worst of the bunch, but for some unknown reason no one mentions his name.  His name is Frank Marshall Davis.  In President Obama’s book (Dreams of My Father) you see him referred to as just ‘Frank.’  Here he is:

frank marshall davis

Here’s a bit on this guy:

“In his books, Obama admits attending “socialist conferences” and coming into contact with Marxist literature.  But he ridicules the charge of being a “hard-core academic Marxist,” which was made by his colorful and outspoken 2004 U.S. Senate opponent, Republican Alan Keyes.

“However, through Frank Marshall Davis, Obama had an admitted relationship with someone who was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).  The record shows that Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at some point in time, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his “poetry” and getting advice on his career path.  But Obama, in his book, Dreams From My Father, refers to him repeatedly as just “Frank.”

“The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union.  In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What’s more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several communist-front organizations.”

Obama’s Communist Mentor

There is a boatload of stuff available on the ‘Net regarding Frank Marshall Davis, if you’re interested.

So, let that sink for a minute, please.  Let it sink in.

Obama’s friends, virtually all of them all, of them are not just left leaning, they are FAR left, all the way to the Communist end.  And Frank Marshall Davis was a primary influence on him.  You can’t dismiss what’s beginning to appear here, you can’t.  Do a search on Google to find Michelle Obama’s college thesis, get a glimpse into the mind of the woman he married.  These are seriosu people with serious agendas.

And, if you think for a moment that Obama supporters and/or volunteers aren’t fully aware and on board with this, let’s peer into the offices of some:

Obama Supporters

More Obama Supporters

These guys are on board.  “Spreading the wealth” and anti-America, it’s part of him, it’s part of them.  The previous election had NOTHING whatsoever to do with race, folks, it’s all about political ideology and worldviews.  I teach our kids that worldviews have CONSEQUENCES.  And given that I have no idea how deep President Obama’s ties go into the dark tunnel of Communism, I am beginning to question the safety of this country now that he is our President.

Now, before I offer my final contrast, I want you to become familiar with one more person, a brutal dictator, a confused combo of Communism & Sharia Muslim of the very evil variety.  His name is Raila Odinga, of Kenya.  Senator Obama went to visit this man in 2006, on our tax dollars, for what purpose only God knows, but I can guess.  This one should shock you, even if nothing else thus far as.

Obama & Odinga


“Whether Mr. Odinga has ordered his men to commit murder and arson is unclear. But his own background does not exactly suggest enthusiasm for democracy and the rule of law. Mr. Odinga’s father, Oginga Odinga, led the Communist opposition during the Cold War and Raila Odinga was educated in Communist East Germany.”

And the source for the above quote is outstanding, please visit:

The Kenyan Connection

You just can’t escape the ‘Communist Connection.’  A dear friend told me that in Germany a very hot selling book is ‘Das Kapital.’  Any guess as to who the author is?  If you said Karl Marx you win the prize.  Communism appears to be making a HUGE, stealth, comeback, and President Obama is their hopeful ‘Manchurian Candidate.’  (Unlike the movie, however, where the title character was unaware of his purpose until certain words were to ‘awaken him,’ I am reasonably certain that President Obama knows exactly what he is doing at the moment.)  And these days, without the ability to call most anything but Hitler and/or Bush evil, no one cares what Communism is all about, they haven’t seen the evil of it, or been taught it firsthand by those who know.  To the contrary, your children, my children, will be taught by men such as William Ayes that Marxism is GOOD!

Alright, you made it this far, so you deserve a little prize, hopefully I’m about to deliver.  In light of what you just read, all of this Communistic stuff, all these people, maybe it hit you already.  It hit me during the last campaign, and here goes:

What was the most stunning difference between (then) Senators Obama and McCain?  Easy…

Senator Obama WILLINGLY surrounded himself with communistic influences and connections, whereas Senator McCain was, for 5 and a half years of his adult life, held AGAINST his will by people of the same political ideology.

Think about that.  It’s true.  And I wonder why people just don’t have the courage, or intelligence, to say that so it can be discussed openly, and honestly.  While I am no fan of Senator McCain’s politics, I applaud his service to our country, and what it cost him.  We should not forget that.

If, for some reason, you still doubt all that’s been offered, let us read a story having just come last fall.  A poll.  It’s about flags, and it tells an interesting story:

No Flag? You’re Probably an Obama Supporter

You just have to decide for yourselves if you buy into that or not.  I do, I think it’s for real.

Last November my family and I voted for the McCain – Palin ticket, and not because we were deluded into believing that John McCain was the solution to all our problems, or that Sarah Palin, with her Christian influence and worldview, will help bring America back to our founding roots, none of that, as nice as it would be.  We weren’t (exclusively) voting against a ‘death machine via abortions at will’ Obama – Biden ticket merely because their policies are against our faith.

We voted for them because we’re Americans, and genuine Americans can never, ever, vote for Communists.

It really is that simple.

You see, the Bible says:

Proverbs 14:12
“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

And Communism always leads to death, despite how “right” its face principles and ethics may appear.  Maybe not today, or next year, but once it sinks its hooks in you get it, eventually.  I believe it is the duty of every American to be 100% certain that President Obama, whether knowingly or unknowingly, wouldn’t be the first ‘hook’ this country has seen at the top position.  President Clinton wasn’t, he was just a playboy.  President Bush wasn’t, he meant well, but failed at many points.  President Carter?  Please. An impotent man who could never have been the front man for a change so large as what I believe we could see.

Ah, “Change.”  Sound familiar?  Things are changing, alright.  They’re not even hiding it, they’re putting it right out there.  I’m just calling the change what it should rightfully be called, that’s all.

Finally, and all Christians should know this, the Bible doesn’t state that all evil will be readily identifiable by its own repulsiveness.  That does happen, but it’s by no means an exclusive face evil puts on in order to be effectively identified.  The Bible also states that evil shall be observed and believed to be an “…angel of light” (2nd Corinthians 11:14).  That is, highly desirable, and readily accepted.   I do not know if the last election befits such a description, but then again, I don’t know that it doesn’t, either.

Let me conclude by again saying that I don’t think President Obama is the “Anti-Christ,” or anything of that sort.  I could probably sit down with him, have a few drinks, have a great chat with him.  In fact, I’d love to do that, it would be a most interesting encounter for our President and a blessed opportunity for me, personally.  However, having said that, I do believe I understand this man, and what he is looking to accomplish, and that frightens me.  I understand it, where it leads.  You should, too.

Be wise as serpents, but gentles as doves.


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  1. Awesome work here, Dave. Educational, entertaining, and most of all important. Thank you for your scholarship.

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